Support Forms

Subscription Cancellation Request Forms

How many times have you been billed?

FORM 1: Only Once (I only paid for the Free Lash) 

FORM 1.5: Cancel after second charge before it has shipped. 

FORM 2: 2 Or More Times (I paid for the Free Lash and paid for my next order)


*We cannot cancel until the form has been filled out. 

*No same day cancellations. Cancellation on same day will not cancel an order or result in a refund if processed on the same day.

*Must submit form 3 business days prior to your next charge date.



Subscription information (this information is included on the product page)

If you are planning to cancel right after ordering do not order a subscription. You will not be able to cancel until your second delivery. For one time purchase please go to and select one time purchase.

Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation after the second month, modify or cancel your subscription anytime after the second month.