Cancellation Information

When Can I Cancel?: You can cancel anytime after your second order. Click Here and fill out  FORM 2

What If I Want To Cancel Sooner?: You can cancel sooner by changing your subscription into a One Time Purchase.  Click Here and fill out  FORM 1

What If I Didn't Want to Sign Up?: You can cancel immediatly by changing your subscription into a One Time Purchase. Click Here and fill out  FORM 1

Why Was I Charged $25: You must have signed up for our Fre Trial Subscription. You can cancel retroactivaly by changing your Free Trial Subscription into a ONE TIME PURCHASE you will receive a $13.80 refund. Click Here and fill out  FORM 1.5 to cancel retroactivaly before your second order ships.  Or fill out FORM 2 to recieve your second order and cancel going forward.



All Free Trials have a 2 month minimum commitment. If you do not want a subscription do not order a FREE TRIAL. If you signed up by mistake you can cancel by changing to a ONE TIME PUCHASE. You just need to pay the difference ($11.20).