Why you need to wear false eyelashes?

Eyelashes have the biggest impact on the overall looks of a woman and for this reason, they use many cosmetics and serums that are made to plump, volumize, and lengthen their lashes.  False lashes transform your eyes completely, as they make your eyes look more flirtatious, bigger, and command a lot of attention!

Though cosmetics are effective at a certain point to accentuate lashes but, their impact still falls short in comparison to the dramatic effect created by false lashes. It is really difficult to be satisfied for women with their typical makeup routine if once they experience the vivid effect of that extra length and volume of false lashes. Fake lashes effortlessly transform ordinary-looking eyes into big, bold, and beautiful windows of the soul that reflect inner beauty just perfectly.

Why do you need to use false eyelashes?

False eyelashes look gorgeous and they evoke lots of feelings.

Of course, they mainly contribute to your overall looks, but aside from their impact on looks, false eyelashes actually benefit your natural lashes. Mascara usually makes your lashes weak and brittle, but falsies are the perfect alternative of mascara that allows your lashes to grow healthier and thicker. Here it is important to understand a few things about false eyelashes:

What are false eyelashes made of?

Best fake eyelashes are made of more than one thing and the choice of their materials may change according to the discretion of the manufacturers. The fake lashes are made of:

  • Silk
  • Mink
  • Horse Fur
  • Synthetics
  • Human hair

Mink fur, synthetic, and human hair made lashes are the most popular and their demands are too high.


Can false eyelashes damage natural eyelashes?

It’s a common misconception that fake eyelashes can damage your natural lashes. In actual they do not.

There are certain factors that may cause damaging effects of using false eyelashes. These factors include:

  • Eyelash glue has potential damage to natural lashes. When long-lasting eyelash glue is used for fake lashes they put a strain on natural lashes and natural lashes start falling.
  • While removing fake eyelashes carelessly and pulling falsies out also result in losing natural lashes. This is a temporary lash loss and natural lashes re-grow within six to eight weeks.
  • Use of cheap quality lashes may also damage your natural lashes and make them itchy, dry, and brittle.

Why you have to wear false eyelashes?

After understanding some basics about fake eyelashes it is now time to know reasons to wear fake eyelashes. Falsies are actually pretty amazing once you get obsessed with their charm. They are easy to wear and remove, don’t clump, stick or smear together, and they instantly give a gorgeous look with perfectly separate lashes. Here are some important reasons to wear fake eyelashes:

• Falsies enhance your natural features!

False eyelashes give you confidence by putting your natural beauty into the spotlight. These fake eyelashes enhance the structure of your face and add dimension to the shape of your eyes. The voluminous look of falsies improves to suppress your problem areas and direct the eyes of onlookers to your natural assets.

• Follow ‘’less is more’’ rule!

A simple addition of length and color to natural eyelashes can do a lot more than a complete makeover for you.

Makeup improves your natural features a lot, but it is not always possible to wear makeup every time. False eyelashes help you to look great without putting on a lot of makeup. These falsies can save you in times when you actually find no time for yourself. Fake eyelashes give a new definition to your eyes and enhance the appearance of your eyes to draw attention to your best features. 

• Falsies save you in emotional times!

Many times in life we face situations where our emotions can be easily triggered such as on a wedding.  False eyelashes save you in your emotional times from getting your mascara or eyeliner streaked. Wearing false eyelashes is useful especially while attending heartwarming occasions or when attending a farewell party or watching a tear-jerking movie.

• Fake lashes can allow you to cope with morning rush!

Doing makeup in a rush especially in the morning when we often run out of time is so overwhelming and tiring. Just put on your falsies with a bare face and you feel ready to face the world in half the time. Fake eyelashes contribute a lot to manage your morning time in a better way.

• Challenge the signs of ageing!

Defying the signs of ageing is the biggest dream of every woman and they do so much to achieve this goal. Ageing and stress can easily strip away the youthful looks of a person and eyes reflect these ageing signs more prominently.

Fake eyelashes provide a chance to keep your eyes from looking tired and allow you to conceal the tired eyes and reveal a more vibrant and younger look.

• Get an extra ‘’Oomph’’!

There are a few days when you need to bring the little extra look to your appearance. Your false eyelashes create an impact for you that is far greater than wearing your usual normal makeup. It is possible to be a head-turner.

• Be ready for instant click!

Wedding, birthday party, corporate event, etc. there are so occasions when photos will be taken here and there and you cannot afford to look just ok. You may look less than fabulous when the makeup you applied and the lipstick you put on earlier starts to fade. Still, there is nothing to worry about because these falsies keep your eyes remaining beautiful and you can look gorgeous all the way. With falsies be ready for the camera clicks anytime anywhere.

• Cruelty-free eyelashes options!

For eco-friendly and nature lovers there is very good news about false eyelashes. Fake lashes are now available in eco-friendly and cruelty-free options. Many false eyelash brands are following a green approach to creating their false eyelashes. Even if you love to put on mink falsie, there is nothing to feel guilty as there is no harm provided to minks while using their hairs to make false eyelashes.