Things you need to keep in mind about false eyelashes

Long and voluminous full lashes are simply the weak point of every woman, but sometimes having long, full lashes is not that easy to achieve. So they turn to false eyelashes or lash extensions and just love to wear falsies. False eyelash extensions provide glamorous and feminine looks with zero makeup on. Putting on false eyelashes can be a daunting task. You have to follow a slew of tricks to make false lashes actually work for you. Still, there is a lot more to know about fake lashes and in what manner you can get the most out of this tricky beauty product.

Things you need to ask about false eyelashes:

Here are a few lesser-known facts and instructions you have to get aware of while using fake eyelashes:

  • Have false eyelashes any sub-types? False eyelashes are not available in standard size and shape only, but there are many options to choose from. No matter what look you want to have, there is a particular type of lashes that will perfectly work for you. There are full volume lashes, natural lashes, long and short lashes, and even individual lashes.
  • How do you put on false eyelashes? You have to apply your makeup before applying false lashes. False lashes make it difficult to apply shadow if you put on these lashes before makeup.
  • How to trim false eyelashes? False eyelashes are not created and designed to fit every eye perfectly. You have to cut or trim false eyelashes according to your needs. Line your falsies to your lid before applying, and then cut the excess part of lashes if necessary. Cutting extra length of fake lashes before applying to make the process of putting on falsies much easier.
  • How to hide glue residue?  While applying lashessome glue residue may still be visible, which makes false eyelashes look ridiculous? There is nothing to worry about, or you don't have to remove your falsies but use liquid eyeliners and shadows. A light layer of black liquid eyeliner or shadow is applied to lashes' roots as it will quickly hide away any glue residue while creating a bold statement.
  • Are fake lashes waterproof? No, false lashes are not waterproof. It is advised to skip using falsies in the event of going to the pool, in the rain, or for an occasion where you may expect yourself tearing up.
  • What is the difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extension? False eyelashes are simple to apply at home. These are applied directly to the eyelid on top of the original eyelashes. These are temporary, and you can remove falsies easily. On the other hand, eyelash extensions need a professional for their implementation. These lashes last much longer, and they are actually glued to the existing real lashes to create a more full and natural look.
  • Are false eyelashes reusable? Yes! False eyelashes don't have to be thrown after a single-use. You can keep fake lashes to the original case after taking off excess glue. With tweezers' help, you can take off excess glue of these lashes if mascara is not applied. In the case of using mascara, simply use eye makeup remover and gently clean the lashes. You can wash and clean these lashes to reuse next time.
  • How do you apply false eyelashes? By using the C-shape technique, you can apply false eyelashes easily. Bend the lashes inward to create a C-shape to soften the straight shape of fake lashes. This technique makes it easier to apply false eyelashes and helps to create a more natural look to match your eye line. 
  • What is the main ingredient of lash adhesive? Fake lash adhesives contain latex. It is usually a safe ingredient, but those who are allergic to latex may suffer from irritation. Always read the label to check all ingredients to ensure they are safe.
  •  What precautions are required to put on fake lashes? It is advised to avoid touching fake lashes too often as it can make them fall off. Just hands-off once you apply falsies and don't play with your lashes, or it will be easier for them to fall off.
  • How long can you wear false eyelashes? With using the good lash adhesive, you can wear false eyelashes for 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended to take your lashes off at the end of the day before going to bed. It will help your natural eyelashes to breathe freely and get prepared for another busy day.
  • How do you clean false eyelashes? If you are one of those who reuse their lashes quite frequently, it is essential to clean the lash band. Washing your fake lashes eliminates any potential build-up of bacteria. Washing is also a must for falsies in order to avoid the presence of any makeup residue. A gentle eye makeup remover that is suitable for sensitive skin is ideal for removing fake eyelashes. 
  • Do you put mascara on false eyelashes?  You have to avoid applying mascara directly to the false eyelashes. Direct application of mascara on fake eyelashes will not only change their appearance, but it may damage the quality and shape of false eyelashes. While wearing false eyelashes and mascara at the same time, always apply a thin coat to your natural lashes and then put on the falsies.
  • Do false lashes damage your natural lashes? No! They simply do not. False eyelashes never cause any sort of damage to the natural lashes. But you need to be careful because rubbing your eyes may cause the real and false lashes to be pulled. 


If you are a regular falsies wearer, you should probably get aware of all the above-mentioned tips and suggestions to get the most effective wear possible out of your pair of fake lashes. Keep your fake lashes in tip-top condition and use above mentioned tips to extend the life of your false lashes.