Put on magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner like a seasoned beauty professional

Almost every woman likes the false lash look, but they struggle a lot with applying them themselves. They always remain searching for finding the right technique to apply these lashes with just the perfect eyeliner line. But after reading so many tips and watching countless tutorials to apply lashes and eyeliner, it still remains a dream to have those fluffy, big, and fan looking lashes.

But the magnetic eyelashes and their partner in crime, the magnetic eyeliner, have given the makeup and fashion industry a boom. Together this duo can easily and instantly give you an amazing false-lash look – throwing away the fear of lash glue spoiling a just perfectly applied eye makeup.

Here a question arises!


What is the difference between traditional and magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners?

The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners lie in the category of beauty products that are here to make your life easier. Professional just love to use these items, but the non-beauty gurus can also use these products just like a pro. Literally, anyone can put on these magnetic eyelashes, and the magnetic eyeliner secures the lashes from fluttering.

When you compare the magnetic and non-magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners, they are exactly the same as ordinary eyeliners and eyelashes. The only difference is the presence and absence of a magnet. These lash strips are magnetic in their self. The magnetic eyelashes are typically the two strips of fake lashes that set just above and below the real eyelashes. Both of these strips connect via a magnet to stay in place.

Recently these magnetic eyelashes have received an upgrade, thanks to the arrival of magnetic eyeliner. The magnetic type of eyeliner is what your lash strip connects with. It means it is easier to put on magnetic eyelashes, and now there is no need to deal with the top and bottom strips of magnetic eyelashes. Though both options are available, applying magnetic eyelashes is much more convenient than the older ones.

Learn the art of putting on magnetic lashes:

As mentioned above, you don’t need a lot of practice to put on magnetic lashes, but it is as easy as 1-2-3. Here is a step by step instruction guide to learn the art of applying magnetic lashes:

You can divide the procedure of applying magnetic lashes with a magnetic liner into three easiest steps:

  1. Preparation before applying the lashes
  2. Apply the magnetic lashes
  3. Completion of the final look

Ø Preparation before applying lashes:

You have to take the following steps before applying magnetic lashes:

  • Magnetic lashes are available in different styles, so choose the magnetic lashes that complement your looks perfectly. Like the ordinary ones, these magnetic versions of lashes are also available in different intensities according to your desire to look how much dramatic. So choose the best out of the plenty of options.
  • Trimming your magnetic lashes is the next step. Of course, the magnetic lashes won’t be the exact length and shape of your real lashes. So just trim them for a perfect fit, to make them more manageable and easier to put on. Cut into smaller sections such as halves or thirds for their better appearance.
  • Though you are applying magnetic lashes, it doesn’t mean you can ditch your mascara. Wear mascara in the same way as you wear it with traditional falsies. A good coat of mascara helps your natural lashes to blend with the magnetic ones.

Ø  Applying the magnetic lashes:

Hmmmmm …

You have completed the first step. Now it is time to put on magnetic lashes. Follow the given instructions:

  • You can either use your fingers or apply the lashes with tweezers and pick any option you feel comfortable with.
  • First, put on the top strip of the lash on top of the actual eyelashes and ensure to align the lash with either edge of the lash line.
  • The next step is the gentle placement of the bottom lash strip below the real lashes. The magnets present in two strips will connect, and your instant set of falsies is ready. That’s all!
  • You need a little practice to align both the lash strips. Fortunately, there is no glue residue to remove again and again while fixing magnetic lash mistakes.
  • If you are going to use magnetic eyeliner in contrast to the magnetic lashes, skip this step mentioned above.
  • Apply a thin layer of magnetic eyeliner to the upper eyelid as you normally do. Then, with the help of a pair of tweezers to line the strip with the eyeliner.
  • You can re-adjust the lash strips as needed.
  • Coat the mascara on the bottom lashes for a dramatic look.

Ø Complete the final look:

To finalize your magnetic lash makeup looks, follow the given steps:

  • Bold and voluminous lashes are simply beautiful, but you can enhance the final looks with a little more eye makeup.
  • To ensure your makeup lasts all day and night, apply an eye shadow primer.
  • Use eye shadow to complete your eye makeup and blend all the harsh lines of eye shadow properly.
  • Applying eyeliner is an optional step when you have already used the magnetic eyeliner.


How to remove your magnetic lashes:

Don’t feel so overwhelmed to learn an additional step to remove the magnetic lashes. Luckily you don’t need to have any additional skills to remove magnetic lashes.

Using two strips of magnetic lashes just pull the magnets apart and take the lashes off and are gentle with the whole procedure.

Those wearing magnetic lashes along with magnetic eyeliner first take off the lashes gently and then wipe the eyeliner with any good quality eye makeup remover.


Synthetic products can always cause some allergic reactions such as lid swelling, even those certified for their gentle nature. Always test magnetic lashes before wearing them to any big or small event.

It is also strictly advised to avoid all kinds of falsies and eyeliners when you are sick or experiencing any pre-existing eye conditions, infections, or allergies.