A perfect combination of beauty with glam!

Beauty industry changes rapidly, and most beauty trends just come and go, but few trends have not come to go. They are too practical and trendy to be forgotten. Fake eyelashes and eyeliner are among the ever trending fashion statements that are ruling the fashion industry for decades. Fake eyelashes noticeably improve your eyes' appearance by making them longer, fuller, and simply beautiful. In today's fashion and beauty industry, fake lashes come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. "Magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner" is the trend getting hype and popularity with every new day.

The trend of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner:

Women are just crazy about long, dramatic lashes, but putting on ordinary glue-on lashes themselves can be an actually daunting task for them. For women who don't want to struggle with accidental pulling off their lashes, and wish to avoid messing up their makeup or getting goo on their eyes – Magnetic eyeliner with 3d magnetic eyelashes kit is an ultimate solution of their ever going problem.

Magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner are the latest and smart way to get pretty lashes within a fraction of the time and cost without creating any mess. This magnetic eyeliner with magnetic eyelashes is a magnetic lash system that is consists of a pair of false eyelashes with magnet and eyeliner that is magnetic. After considering the advantages of magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner, more and more women are making a switch to this innovative and easy system of false eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner.

How do magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner work?

Magnetic eyeliner is the best substitute for the old traditional magnetic eyelashes. Initially, it was a pair of magnetic lashes required for a single eye. You needed to meticulously sandwich the real eyelashes together between two strips of lashes having magnets attached to them.  

But the arrival of magnetic eyeliner has changed the scenario completely. Now, this revolutionary method of putting on magnetic lashes is taking the world by storm. This pair of the best magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner works on the concept of magnetic force. The magnetic eyeliner has FDA approved iron oxide having magnetic properties that attract magnetic lashes to quickly bond on the lash band.

This pair of magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner is a lab-tested product with an impressive hold of up to 8 or 10 hours. This amazing time duration makes these lashes the top-rated magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner.

Perks of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner:

Here are a few of the reasons why women are switching to eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner.  

  • EASY APPLICABLE TO SAVE TIME:No one needs to be a pro to achieve perfection in the lash application. With magnetic lashes and eyeliner, you get rid of lash glue. With a little practice, you can put on magnetic lashes with a magnetic liner just within seconds.

How to apply lashes with magnetic eyeliner?

Apply a line of magnetic eyeliner over your eyelids. With the help of a lash, the applicator attaches the eyeliner's magnetic lashes and let the magic begin. Magnetic eyeliner makes the process of applying the magnetic eyelashes even faster and easier with absolutely zero damage to your natural eyelashes.

Traditional fake eyelashes require 30 minutes to an hour or two from applying and fully drying. Simultaneously, a magnetic liner and lash system take hardly a few minutes to enjoy magnetic eyelashes extension.

  • A SAFE AND CRUELTY-FREE SOLUTION:Glue-on eyelash extensions have hazardous substances used in it. Most of the lash glue available have toxic chemicals from formaldehyde to sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, and latex – all of these may cause serious health issues.

The best magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner are environment-friendly and 100% cruelty-free because they are crafted without anxious chemicals. The magnetic liners also contain the same safe ingredients present in mascara and other regular liners in addition to iron-oxide for generating magnetic attraction for magnetic lashes.

  • NO COMPROMISE OVER STYLE:Like traditional falsies and liners, the magnetic lashes with eyeliner offer you a variety of stylish and glamorous eyelashes options suitable to your needs. The best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner offer all types of lashes from natural, extra, and medium to flare and wispy mega magnetic eyelashes. The magnetic eyeliners are also can be gel or cream.
  • A WATERPROOF SOLUTION:Well, do you know the magnetic lashes with eyeliner are completely weatherproof. This is completely a life-proof substitute for false lashes that can stay up to 10 hours without smudging or falling off even with prolonged exposure to water, heat, and other extreme elements.
  • A RELATIVELY CHEAP OPTION: Every year, women spend hundreds of dollars buying lash extensions because it is almost impossible to re-use ordinary falsies because of the hard cleaning process. It is difficult to clean the glue, keeping the fake eyelashes in shape for another use. While the magnetic lash extensions are re-usable options (nearly 30+ applications) with magnetic liner. There is no glue clumping issue on the lash band, and the magnets are also super easy to clean. You can use the magnetic lashes with eyeliner more than normal lashes. Now you can get the perfect substitute for your paid obscene amount of money and time.

What are the best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner?

Of course, beauty should be effortless. Still, our daily makeup routine takes a lot of time with actually tough efforts for having beautiful, attractive eyelashes. Magnetic lashes and eyeliners have reduced this time and effort to the minimum level.

There is a long list of brands selling magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner in the fashion market. Still, as every glittering thing is not gold, many brands provide poor quality magnetic lashes and liners. These products are not only wasting your money. Still, they can be extremely dangerous to your eyes and skin because of harsh and toxic chemicals.

"Drama Llama" is the brand fully devoted to provide quality magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner in the most affordable price range. The magnetic lashes and eyeliner will be a game-changing experience not only for the makeup artists but also for all women who wish to be able to put on the lashes gracefully and effortlessly.

"Drama Llama" is the brand committed to provide high quality, harsh chemical-free, environment friendly, and cruelty-free products and reliable customer support.