Let's discuss the pros and cons of magnetic lashes!

Fake lashes are considered as one of the secret tricks to look bold and glamorous. Women love to apply falsies to add more volume, length, and fluff to the overall eye makeup. The trend of magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner is captivating the makeup world rapidly. These magnetic lashes and eyeliners pop up in beauty parlors, departmental stores, and even drugstores promising ease to use and remove. These lashes and liners provide an effective solution for false lashes with running glue that never stuck on properly in the first attempt.

But is this at all?

No, magnetic eyelashes are undoubtedly an ingenious product that makes wearing false eyelashes super simple. With this innovative product achieving stunning voluminous lashes is a matter of seconds.


How the magnetic lashes and magnetic liners work?

Before weighing the pros and cons of magnetic lashes and eyeliner, first, you need to understand how these lashes with and without magnetic liner work. The major difference between magnetic lashes and fake lashes is that you get two strips per eye than the one you need for glue-on lashes.

You need one on top of your natural eyelashes and the other under the two strips' natural eyelashes. The tiny magnets attach to every single strip make the lashes grip on to each other to keep your natural eyelashes sandwiched inside.

Using magnetic eyeliner makes things even simpler. With magnetic eyeliner, you only need a single strip of magnetic lashes for one eye. The iron oxides are actually the mineral deposits present in magnetic eyeliner that can attract the magnets present on eyelashes. You just need to apply a perfect magnetic eyeliner layer and place the eyelash where you like it to place. The attraction between lash magnets and iron oxide makes them stick together.

Pros of magnetic eyelashes:

There are some other reasons also to prefer magnetic lashes and liners over traditional false lashes. Here are a few of the pros and cons of magnetic lashes:

1.    Magnetic lashes are re-usable:

These lashes are very environment friendly as you can use these lashes more than once. Though false lashes are also re-useable, the glue applied on lashes tends them look grotty or bend them just out of shape. Magnetic lashes are easy to put on and put off, too, so you can use these many times with just a little care while handling.

2.    Magnetic lashes are not messy:

Applying false lashes can be a challenging task. In fact, it is ranked pretty high in terms of difficulty when it comes to makeup. Applying glue, letting it a little dry for some time, then applying it perfectly are the steps that need professional training and a lot of practice. The most common mistake that people make who perform this task on their own is applying too much lash glue to false lashes, and as a result, it gets really messy.

On the other hand, magnetic lashes stick to the skin via magnetic liner rather than glue. There is no issue with having adhesive all over your fingers and eyes.

3.    Magnetic lashes are more Hygienic:

Of course, going natural and sticking nothing artificial on your eyes is the most comfortable and hygienic option. Still, you cannot do this all the time. But when you compare magnetic lashes with fake lashes, the first one seems to be lesser of the two bad in this department.

Fake lashes can cause more issues of infections and irritation because of having magnetic instead of lash glue. Magnetic lashes are also less irritating, and cleaning these lashes is also easier because of no glue involvement.

4.    Magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner – the real deal:

Magnetic eyelashes are good, but combining their magic with magnetic eyeliner actually makes a difference. Applying magnetic liner is a super easy task that improves magnetic lashes' grip, and the lashes stay on all day.

The magnetic liner formulas are also long-lasting, and you will require an oil-based remover to wipe it out. The magnetic eyeliners are a little thicker than the ordinary liners, so they create a perfect line.


Cons of magnetic eyelashes:

1.    Magnetic lashes don't look real:

Magnetic lashes are also false lashes, just like the non-magnetic version, but these are false lashes that look false. Many professionals and makeup lovers who have tried fake lashes consider the magnetic lashes even more fake and unreal.

These lashes do not follow your real lash line, and mostly the magnet is not all along the strips, but these lashes only have a long magnet at the center. On the other side, fake lashes sit closer to the real lash line and much easier to position on the eyelids. This feature of fake lashes provides them a more natural look.

2.    An easier method, but longer to learn:

Magnetic lashes sound good in concept. They are surely better than the traditional glue lashes, but applying magnetic lashes is not a simple task. Practice makes a man perfect, and only with a lot of practice and regular use of magnetic lashes you can get command on how to use them.

False lashes are straightforward messy, and difficult to apply with more irritation issues, but learning the art of putting on magnetic lashes is also a real headache.

3.    Magnetic lashes are not the sturdier:

According to the makeup experts and the users who have worn both kinds of lashes, the traditional fake lashes are sturdier than the magnetic lashes. Sometimes with the magnetized lashes, you get an annoying feeling that the lashes will go to fall off.

The glue-lashes, because of adhesive, stick more strongly to the skin and often feel more secure and provide more comfort to the wearer. While the magnetic lashes last longer because of less handling requirements, but they can be a little uncomfortable for their wearer.


In conclusion, magnetic lashes are actually an impressive option to choose for creating more glamorous, stylish, and dramatic looks. These are convenient to use, more hygienic, and having less infection and irritation issues.

Being a little artificial-looking and uncurl or unbend in nature, these can be not your first choice, especially when you are in search of eyelashes with a natural appearance.