False eyelashes – types, precautions, and cleaning

Fashion remains changing from lipstick to wardrobe and hand bags to eyebrows. The trends change, and with every new version, preferences, and ways to look stylish and glamorous also change. But the trend of long and full eyelashes has never ever gone out of fashion.

Whether you love such long and full eyelashes that almost touch your brows or need fake eyelashes to look fluffy and wispy - false eyelashes turn up your look a few notches. Now you have no need to worry about fallout, dreaded smudging, or flaking from a mascara of a certain brand. You can simply put the best natural looking fake eyelashes that, once applied, look amazing and stay put until you take them off when you want. Of course, mastering the application of fake eyelashes needs some time and regular practice. Still, as you know, practice makes a man (even a woman also) perfect. There is nothing to do with your beauty – bold, innocent, natural, or somewhere in between, there is definitely a set of falsies out there that will surely suit your personal style.

What kind of lashes actually suits you?

There is a variety of eyelashes to choose from, and you can group lashes into different categories. Every single type of fake eyelashes has its own pros and cons. let's discuss different types of false eyelashes:

Types of false lashes:

Mainly false lashes are divided into four types according to their styles:

  1. Full Lashes:

These lashes are thicker than other kinds of lashes. Though these lashes look too heavy for everyday wear, these lashes are simply great for photoshoots. Their even shape and more blunt look to the lashes' tips give them a complete vintage mod look. These lashes add a dramatic look, especially when the photos are taken from a bit further away. These long dramatic false eyelashes follow the principle of theatre makeup; "the further away you are from people, the stage makeup has to be the bolder to look right."

The lash strips of full lashes are thicker strips and have more densely packed bristles that open your eyes.

  1. Individual Lashes:

Individual lashes are perfect for beauty professionals as well as for those who need a customized look. Whether you desire flare individuals or knot free or tapered lashes are the ones you are looking for, individual lashes fit in every frame work to satisfy your style needs.

How to apply individual false eyelashes?

It looks actually overwhelming to apply individual eyelashes. Still, in reality, it is a far easier task than applying your strip lashes. It takes longer to put on individual lashes. Nevertheless, their more natural looks are far more impressive than any other falsies. These are put on where your eyelid meets your lash line, and you have the freedom to put on as many or as few you want with complete customization of length and looks. Individual lashes in a group of three are more convenient than single lashes and take a lot less time to apply.

  1. Natural Lashes:

This lashes category has the most natural false eyelashes as they are more delicate-looking because of being fine and subtle. These most natural-looking false eyelashes blend seamlessly with your real eyelashes and appear very close to natural ones.

These are perfect to wear for a daytime outing, casual events, and formal meetings as they provide a relatively even profound outlining to the eyes.

  1. Long & Short Lashes:

These long and short lashes are placed alternatively with bold patterns of long and short. It can be a crisscrossed lash pattern also.

These lashes give your eyes a boost in length and thickness without being overboard. Wearing these eyelashes for daytime outings is ideal when you want a natural look and lashes that are long and light.


False eyelashes for sensitive eyes:

Whether it is strips or extensions, lash allergies or irritation are very common in women during and after the process. Before putting anything foreign near your eyes, you must have to be very careful. Treat your eyes carefully and always prefer the best brand false eyelashes such as "Drama Llama" to avoid irritation or allergy issues.

You should check the ingredients present in the adhesive used to stick the lashes as a component, "Cyanoacrylate" that forms the sticky texture of glue may become the reason for allergy. Lash allergies are rare but possible when dealing with eyelashes or lash extensions. Always use the best false eyelash glue, and it is advised to buy the best drugstore false eyelashes.

Take precautions!

It is a necessity to look for what you put in your body. Similarly, it is equally important to look at what you put in your body. Most women have a stress free experience with lash extensions and fake lashes. Still, it is essential to continue practicing safety.

Never pull on fake lashes, be gentle with falsies and never forget that too much touching or messing with your lashes may be the reason for bacteria buildup near your eyes.

How to take off false eyelashes?

You should remove your falsies before starting your makeup removal routine. Use a cotton swab or q-tip soaked in good quality makeup remover and soften the lash adhesive. Sweet almond oil or coconut oil can also be used to remove fake eyelashes.

Running the swab along the lash line makes fake lashes softer, and then you can grab the lashes by the outer eye corner. By slowly peeling the lash strips away from your lash line, you can easily remove false lashes. If there is any resistance or pinching, apply more oil or makeup remover and wait for a little longer before trying again.

How to get the glue off false eyelashes?

Bacteria on fake lashes could cause agitation and redness on your eyelids or lash lines. To keep bacteria away from lash extensions and prolong falsies' life, you should clean fake lashes properly. Always peel off the glue residue properly that remains stuck on the base of your false eyelashes. A mix of warm water and soap in a bowl with the addition of liquid makeup remover can be a perfect cleaning solution for lashes.

Submerging your false lashes into this solution for few minutes and then gently rubbing them to dissolve mascara and other makeup is the best way to clean your false eyelashes. Pat dry your false lashes, and you can reuse these falsies for the same glamorous and stylish looks.