False Eyelashes – A game changer beauty hack

Eyes are the windows to our soul, and that is the reason we want others to see beauty when they look into our eyes. The use of false eyelashes brings a noticeable improvement to your eyes.

Today from a celebrity to the first lady and TV anchor to a girl next door, eyes are rimmed with a thick dark fringe. Women of all ages have such long and lush eyelashes. False eyelashes are everywhere that was once reserved for special occasions has become part of everyday glamour.

Do you know when where false eyelashes invented?

The very first fake eyelashes were created by Egyptians over a century ago. Still, the false eyelashes as we see them today were patented in 1911 by Anna Taylor. She was the first person who invented eyelashes in their modern appearance. But this beauty tool came into the limelight in 1916 when an American film actress Seena Owen wore false eyelashes for the very first time in a movie. From then till today, eyelashes have come to stay. It is expected that it will remain ever popular in the coming years.

How are false eyelashes made?

Based on their raw material, false lashes are divided into three types:

  1. LASHES MADE FROM HUMAN HAIR: These are the best lashes you can get as they are the perfect mimics of original lashes. These lashes last longer, are comfortable, and seamlessly blend with natural lashes. These are expensive than synthetic lashes but often use more than one time if kept properly.
  2. MINK FUR LASHES: These lashes are the most expensive among all three types of lashes as they are made of fur from the mink's tail. These are often made by hand, frame the eyes well, and give a feathery, natural look to the eyes comfortably. 
  3. SYNTHETIC LASHES: These lashes are the most common and cheapest with lower quality. These are made of manmade rubber and other recyclable material and have a shiny, heavy appearance. These lashes are preferably for one time use, and they are not prone to a curled natural lash look. Higher grade synthetic lashes are also available, but they still have inferior quality to the other two types.

Types of false eyelashes:

Being curious about false eyelashes, you must have to be aware of their types. False eyelashes have three main types:

  1. STRIP LASHES: it is the most common type of falsies having so many styles to create different stylish looks. These lashes are made from a variety of materials.
  2. INDIVIDUAL SINGLE LASHES: This kind of lashes are more prominent, and these single lashes are used for eyelash extension. Applying these lashes is a complicated process that requires expertise. That is why these lashes are applied by a professional in a salon.
  3. INDIVIDUAL FLARE LASHES: these lashes are applied individually and mostly used by makeup artists. These lashes create a flared look and come in 3 different lengths.

Best false eyelashes for beginners:

False lashes are the most popular beauty accessory – of course, for an excellent reason. A massive variety of fake lashes is available, from striking double volume lashes to wispy natural lashes. Still, it is really overwhelming to put on fake lashes on your own, especially when you are a beginner.

The adhesive use to bond fake lashes with real lashes can really get messy. It can be less hygienic to use glue to stick false lashes. It is tough to do this entire process on the first attempt.

Magnetic eyelashes are the latest revolutionary trend in the fake lashes industry. These are the best false eyelashes for beginners. 

Magnetic lashes are the most comfortable false eyelashes to apply without any mess because magnets are bounded with magnetic lash strips. Rather than magnetic lashes, beginners can use synthetic lashes also because of their low price.


How to put on false eyelashes for beginners?

It is so easy to put on false lashes, and just within few minutes, you can apply false lashes perfectly even if you have never worn them before. Follow these steps to put on fake lashes like a pro:

  • Adjust the length of your false lashes against your eyes, and you can cut off the edges of false eyelashes with scissors.
  • Bend the lashes into a ‘’C’’ shape to fit at the curve of your eye.
  • Apply a fine line of lash-glue to the false eyelash strip, and you can use a cotton swab or a toothpick to apply the glue.
  • Let the glue dry slightly before applying the lashes.
  • Press these fake lashes over the natural eyelash line and squeeze the fake lash strip and natural lashes together with the thumb and index finger.
  • Finally, apply mascara to the false eyelashes to blend them with a natural lash line and curl the eyelashes with a crimping tool.

How to remove false eyelashes?

Use oil-based makeup remover to remove your false eyelashes. Use a cotton swab to dab the lash line with makeup remover. Now open your eye, and from the outer corner of the false eyelash, grasp it, then close the eye and pull the fake lash away from your eye carefully.

It is easy to wash false eyelashes with water, but don’t do this more than once a week. Otherwise, too much washing of fake eyelashes can cause the fibers to break.

Why are false eyelashes so popular?

False eyelashes have an impressive ability to transform and embellish your face features, and that is the reason the market for false eyelashes has been reached $1.5 billion in recent years. Today false eyelashes have become a must-have accessory for women due to so many reasons:

  • Fake eyelashes are good for natural lashes by acting as an alternative to reduce mascara's impact that makes your lashes weak and brittle.
  • Fake eyelashes make women look fabulous without putting on lots of makeup as they add definition to your eyes. Fake lashes add length and volume to your lash line also enhance your appearance to draw attention to your best features. 
  • False lashes have the power to take your look from good to glamorous just in seconds.
  • False lashes defy the signs of aging and also make you camera-ready always.