All you need to know about magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliners

Although beauty lies in the beholder's eyes, still a regular routine of proper skin care and the use of appropriate beauty products make the real difference. For women, makeup is all about a way for women to look and feel like themselves to look more beautiful and confident. 

When it comes to the daily beauty routine, makeup is an essential part of it. Cleansing, moisturizing, oiling and conditioning hairs, facials, and many other beauty treatments are the basics for glowing healthy skin and hairs. Still, styling and makeup magnify the beauty that already exists. There are a few makeup products that you should always have in your cosmetic bag at all times.

Eyeliners and eyelashes:

Eyeliner is one of these essential makeup items. Using fake lashes with eyeliner is just like the cherry on the top. Eyeliner and eyelashes intensify your eyes' beauty and make your overall looks even more glamorous and impressive. Magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes are the latest beauty hacks that are trending a lot. 

Makeup artists and women who struggled with traditional false eyelashes and eyeliner can understand it better than how the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes have changed the way you generally think about falsies. It has completely turned around for you, and now bold, appealing, and heart-wrenching eye makeup is not a tough job anymore.

Magnetic eyelashes and liners:

Don't you feel good knowing about glue-free fake lashes?

Magnetic lashes are precisely what you want, ladies. With teeny-tiny magnets, these fake lashes attach to your lash line, and that's all. With a variety of styles, these magnetic eyelashes are actually worth buying. From getting a glam effect to using full strip lashes or just the accent lashes to complement real lashes, magnetic lashes can probably provide you with every look you love.

Magnetic eyeliner is a product having iron oxide in it. Similar to any other gel or liquid, it is also a pigment. But having iron oxide as part of ingredients can attract magnets and allow them to stick with the areas where you apply it. These eyeliners provide your magnetic lashes something to adhere to instead of using a magnetic strip to either side of the fringe.

What is the need for magnetic eyeliner when we have magnetic lashes?

Magnetic eyeliner provides a more impressive, realistic, and precise appearance with less wear and potential damage to your natural lashes. These magnetic eyeliners are similar to glue on false eyelashes. The iron oxide present in it attracts the magnets present in magnetic eyelashes. It provides more magnets to the eyelashes to ensure that the lashes stick across the entire eyes without leaving any gaps. In other words, magnetic eyeliners never allow your magnetic lashes to flip in the wind.

Are Magnetic eyeliners and Magnetic lashes Safe?

Magnetic eyelashes are all the rage, but not to worry because these are completely safe for your eyes. These tiny magnets attached to the eyelashes do not cause any kind of harm or disruption in your vision and eye movement. There is no problem with magnetic adhering to your eyelid skin unless they accidentally penetrate into your eyes. 

The main purpose of magnetic eyeliners is to complement magnetic eyelashes by keeping them stick in place. These are generally liquid state liners that are considered safe overall. Still, you must have to replace your product every 3 months to prevent the growth of bacteria in its bottle. You may face some potential side effects of using magnetic eyeliners in a case when:

  • The product is not applied only on the lash line, and it blocks the oil glands in the eye or gets in your eye.
  • It can also cause some allergic reactions or infection to your eyes if used with unclean hands during applying or removing it.
  • In rare cases, iron oxide present in the liner may cause staining and eye darkening.

Whether you buy magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner from a beauty products shop or get the wholesale magnetic eyeliner and lashes, you always prefer the best quality product - with a prominently mentioned expiry date to keep your eyes beautiful s well as healthy.

Why use magnetic lashes instead of an ordinary one?

The magnetic eyelashes are eco-friendly, which can be the biggest reason to replace traditional fake lashes with magnetic eyelashes. Every single pair of fake lashes can add up to a lot of trash that results in landfills.

And do you know how long do magnetic lashes last?

Well! Unlike ordinary lashes, you never need to buy a new pair of lashes every time, but they are long-lasting with just minimal care.

Ordinary fake lashes need glue, which requires gentle cleaning after every single use when you want to wear them again. These lashes are far better than their traditional rivals for you as the ordinary lashes use glue that can be a problem causing for super sensitive skin or skin with allergies. These magnetic substitutes of ordinary lashes are more practical, easy, and safe without using abrasive glue.

Compared with the medications and serums to lengthen natural lashes, magnetic lashes are a better option because it is a low-risk alternative. Serums and medications with potential hazards can actually change your eye pigmentation permanently.

Why do you need magnetic eyeliner?

If you are still wondering why you need magnetic eyeliner, then here are few reasons to convince you to use a perfect combination of magnetic eyeliner with magnetic eyelashes.

  • Magnetic eyeliner allows you to use eco-friendly and safe magnetic lashes confidently. It enhances the possibility of using the same pair of lashes more than one time.
  • These eyeliners eliminate the use of lash glue completely in your makeup routine.
  • Use of magnetic eyeliner saves your time without creating any mess.
  • You are not restricted with one size fits for all kinds of eyelashes. The magnetic eyeliner allows the magnetic eyelashes to better form to the unique eye shape more effectively.

Final Takeaway:

Overall the magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliners are some of the best makeup products you can use confidently to enhance your eyes' beauty. These are far better in comparison with the false lashes that require lash glue. 

The magnetic version of lashes and eyeliner is also easier to use and saves your time. Still, you cannot consider magnetic lashes and eyeliner totally risk-free. Still, with extra caution, it is possible to reduce the risk to the minimum level.